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Do nothing farming
How to improve your pasture,soil and feed production for free by doing absolutely nothing.

20+ tips for getting your block ready for winter
A dry summer is going to mean careful planning and a watchful eye on health issues for your livestock this autumn.

The varroa beater
A little hanger-on could be the death of the bee-killing varroa mite.

How to be self-sufficient, Quaker-style
A unique permaculture set-up shows team work and shared goals can create a sustainable way to farm and live.


  • 5 things to know about facial ezcema in autumn
  • What happens when twin calves grow up
  • The best, tastiest way to preserve milk
  • 2 great ways to bake with avocados
  • 3 nuisance birds and how to deal with them
  • What should be in your chicken feed
  • 7 tips to growing great grapes
  • Why you should be drinking this vege
  • Two small but very productive orchards

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Bathing in Botanicals

Bathing in Botanicals
Brought to you by Customkit buildings

In idyllic Matakana, a business is soaking up the success of combining livelihood with lifestyle.

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Book look
Everything you nee d to know about farming, growing, animals, organics and more is available at the NZ Lifestyle Block book store.

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