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Is this the perfect crop?
No picking or pruning, the crop is freely given away, and for Albie and Felicity Burgers, the harvest has been their best investment.

How to be a dirty chick
She’s a tiara-wearing, US-born writer and an unlikely farmer, but Antonia Murphy has found heaven on her
Northland block.

5 things to consider before you get a husky
Game of Thrones has turned the husky into the ‘it’ dog to have, but it’s bad news for this amazing breed.

Why I eat with the seasons
When Loveday Why suffered long-term ill-health, she discovered the cure was in her garden.

What it takes to kill a rat
There’s one thing that will get a rat in a trap almost every time and it’s not bacon or peanut butter.


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  • 36 Tales of a Country Vet
  • A weed that's not your cup of tea
  • Bake your feta into a tasty snack
  • The perfect way to use up apple cores and peel
  • Do you have a Good Life retirement plan?
  • Turkey vs chicken: who will survive
  • 10 delicious ways to eat your beets
  • 5 tips for designing the best shelter for your orchard

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It's only natural

It's only natural
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Keeping the creative juices fl owing for artisan ventures requires the right ingredients. Buildings are one.

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Book look
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