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How to get started in a small cheese business
Twenty years after they first tried, Adrian and Jill Walcroft are living their cheese-making dream on their Manawatu block.

A block with a buzz
A Southland couple have turned their block from potential market garden into heaven for bugs.

3 great modern food forests
Take a guided tour through three very different food forests at different stages in their lifecycle.

The farm of nine lives
A multi-tasking Kiwi with a passion for saving animals has set up a special sanctuary on her lifestyle block just outside Melbourne.


  • 10 more really odd, pretty gross eggs
  • 9 tips for sheep owners this summer
  • What a bellowing heifer is trying to tell you
  • An old garden favourite turned pest
  • 3 ways to get rid of California thistle
  • A peach of a jam
  • 3 things to do with a green bean surplus
  • 7 steps towards becoming more resilient
  • 4 more ways to frame your country views
  • 5 basic rules for gorgeous flowering bulbs
  • 10 weed-fighting mulch options for the organic garden
  • What do you get when you cross a peach and a plum?

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Free glove offer for February
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