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A block with a secret ingredient
The peony is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, but it’s what it grows beneath the soil that has turned into a unique business for one Nelson couple.

Getting into deep sh*t
It’s what these bugs do best, and now we have the opportunity to try them out and make our soil and livestock

8 ways to help your trees beat bad weather
Strong winds bring down trees every year but there are planting tricks to minimise damage and save you money.

20+ great firewood trees (and ones to avoid)
Here’s what will keep you warm and cozy when you fire up your woodburner this winter.

10+ things a chicken’s comb can tell you
Find out whether it's healthy, sick, happy or infested.


  • 5 more things to know about dung beetles
  • 9 birds for the block
  • Not a rhubarb you want to see
  • A weed disguised as a geranium
  • 4 ways to make your own butter
  • 5 reasons to go nuts about walnuts
  • 13 things to know about growing and eating rhubarb
  • Why this orchard has 40 trees but only a third give fruit

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