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3 great reasons to love pigs
Why the pig is the best animal to keep, and why it’s so easy if you follow a few basics.

20+ plants that will make your chickens sick
There are lots of common garden plants, herbs and weeds that can make your birds ill.

How to make DIY hay
You don’t need a contractor or fancy machinery to make great quality hay this summer.

Why we’re all likely to be vegetarians in 50 years
The world is running out of a critical farm nutrient that will change what we eat forever.

The big battle for our birds in 2015
A good summer for beech trees last year is bad news for birds this summer.


  • One great pumpkin that will feed your family all year
  • Meet the world’s smallest bull
  • The trick to finding work in a rural community
  • A little bug beating a big weed pest
  • Why agapanthus are a pest PLUS A weed to get you fuming
  • Spice up your Christmas gifts
  • Make a great sheep’s milk cheese with a twist of pepper
  • 10+ ideas for designing the perfect country home
  • Can you power your laptop by treadle power alone?
  • 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hate pine trees

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How to make hay the old-fashioned way

How to make hay the old-fashioned way
Making your own hay has lots of advantages and you don’t need a shedful of specialised equipment.

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1 very easy way to protect your potato crop

1 very easy way to protect your potato crop
A bunch of bad little buggers are difficult to beat, but there is one environmentally-friendly way to guarantee you a psyllid-free crop.

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